Frequently Asked Questions


What are your hours of operation?

What ages of patients do you see?

  • I see all ages. The motto of family medicine is "womb to tomb."

What is the cost of an annual physical or wellness visit?

  • All visits with me are included in the membership fee. Any tests that must be sent to an outside lab are extra.

What is the cost of a sick visit?

  • All visits with me are included in the membership fee. Any tests that must be sent to an outside lab are extra.

How do prescriptions work with your model?

  • You can buy your prescriptions from me or from any pharmacy. You can use insurance for payment at other pharmacies, but not with me.

What would be different about seeing you compared to a doctor in a conventional practice?

  • You will not pay a co-pay to see me. You will get 30-60 minutes of face time with me at each visit. When I prescribe a medication, order a test, or refer to a specialist, you will know exactly what it costs before we make that decision. When you need to contact me outside of a visit, you can use email, phone, or text.

Can I use my insurance or HSA or FSA to pay for your membership fee?

  • Maybe. It depends on the insurance. You would have to call them to find out. Currently you cannot use an HSA to pay for the membership fee, hopefully this will change in the future. You might be able to use your FSA to pay for the membership fee, but it depends on the features of your FSA.

Can I use my insurance, HSA or FSA to pay for tests you order?

  • Generally, yes. You can check to see what coverage you have for out of network physicians’ orders.

Are Medicare patients eligible for membership in your practice?

  • Absolutely, no one can stop a Medicare patient from becoming a member. Unfortunately at this time, Medicare does not cover the membership fee. Nor will Medicare allow you to submit bills for the services I provide or tests that I order. (Medicare patients have to sign an acknowledgement of these laws). However, if you have a Supplement under Medicare, you can get reimbursed that way. I can instruct you on how to do this.

Would I be able to see a specialist when I need to? How would I pay for it?

  • I will refer to specialists when appropriate. If you are already seeing one, you can certainly continue. You can use your insurance to pay the specialist and have it count toward your deductible, or you can pay in cash outside of insurance. Most specialists give a discount for paying in cash on the day of service.

Will your practice fit my needs if I know that I need scheduled procedures or specialist services (like a colonoscopy)?

  • Procedures or tests (colonoscopy, CT, MRI, etc) can be done at affordable prices when you pay in cash on the day of the test. I will help you find these prices, in advance when possible.

I have had frequent visits to the ER due to my chronic conditions. How can your practice help me?

  • For most chronic conditions I can work with you to get them better controlled and avoid those ER visits for exacerbations. We can talk specifics during your membership consultation, which is free.

Do you see patients who are not fully vaccinated?

  • Yes, because you also need a medical home. I encourage vaccination, but I don't insist upon it. However, I do have certain policies that you will need to agree to for the safety of my own family and patients who have a weak immune system.

  • I must document the reason for vaccine delay or refusal.

  • You must agree to the following: “If a patient has a contagious infection, Dr Edson requests that she be notified of that concern or diagnosis when the appointment is scheduled. This is so that Dr Edson can arrange the order of patients seen to protect the immunosuppressed, infants, and other patients who would be vulnerable to infection. This applies to all patients, regardless of vaccination status. Particular care must be exercised by those with respiratory symptoms. “

Are there any patients that you do not see or conditions that you do not treat?

  • I do not treat chronic pain with narcotics. I do not treat anxiety with benzodiazepines (xanax, valium, etc).