Direct Primary Care (DPC) cuts out the complications of insurance companies and restores your relationship with your family physician.

Now you don't need the approval of an insurance company to manage your health. One of the best features is that you get more time with your doctor at each visit. This allows for superior communication and care. This is my favorite part, because I love connecting with my patients. 

You may be asking "What about the Affordable Care Act? Aren't we all required to have health insurance?"

And the answer is yes, you need to have insurance. But you can have a policy that covers emergencies like major accidents, surgeries, and hospitalizations. This way you use health insurance more like the way you use car insurance. You pay for gas, oil changes, and repairs in cash. And save the insurance with its deductible and copays for the big accidents. 

You may be surprised to discover how much better and how much more affordable Direct Primary Care can be. 

Features of direct primary care

  • A medical home for the whole family, including pregnancy and postpartum compatible care.
  • 30-60 minute visits with your doctor
  • Flexible location for visits: clinic, home, your workplace, video chat
  • 24/7 phone access directly to your doctor
  • Monthly subscription covers all primary care visits
  • Price transparency and lower costs for tests, labs, and referrals
  • Deeply discounted medications through a local pharmacy
  • Decreased use of the ER thru better management of urgent needs and chronic conditions