Direct Physician Care is founded on two principles:

“First, do no harm.” This is the beginning of the Hippocratic Oath and the founding principle of the practice of medicine. We believe this should include no financial harm.

“Do what is best for the patient.” This is how we apply The Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” to the practice of medicine.

We fulfill these principles by:

Charging a monthly fee.

  • No co-pays or per-visit fees, so you do not have to second guess your need to be seen.

Giving you direct access to your physician

  • Timely office/home/workplace visits

  • Convenient communication by phone/text/email/video chat

Keeping prices transparent.

  • It’s all out in the open, nothing hidden.

Added value to your membership

  • Wholesale lab services

  • Wholesale (+10%) prescriptions, supplements, vitamins, supplies

  • Help with finding the best price for imaging and referrals


Insurance is great for emergencies and for protection from financial calamity. Don’t let health insurance become the financial calamity.


Our Staff


Katie Edson, MD

“I want to be the doctor that I would want when I am the patient.”

Dr Edson spent most of her formative years outside America, immersed in other cultures in Asia and Europe. During medical school & residency at the University of Tennessee, she had rotations in India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and rural Tennessee.

“There are many valuable things outside America and its medical culture, and I want to understand as much as I can.”

Jamie Shelor, RN



Reuel Edson, Clinical Assistant

extensive experience…