Direct primary care explanations

Dr. Josh Umbehr, founder of Atlas MD.  His presentation to doctors at a conference. The first half is good for all audiences, and the last half is about employer contracts and Q&A. 

My explanation

medical costs

Healthcare Blue Book. This is for costs WITHOUT the DPC model

The Choosing Wisely Campaign. From the American Board of Internal Medicine, a resource to help patients and doctors chose what is evidence based, free from harm, and truly necessary. 

Fertility, pregnancy, and Birth


Taking Charge of Your Fertility. Natural Family Planning and Fertility awareness method.

Family Way Publications. Book and article reviews. 

Ina May. Check out her TED talk on reducing fear about birth in our culture. 

The Childbirth Connection. Extensive resources. 

Spinning Babies. An excellent resource for exercises, stretches, and positions all through pregnancy. Also troubleshooting for specific situations. 

Evidence Based Birth. Exhaustive discussion of some issues. Also has key summary points in bold throughout the articles. 

Laboring Under An Illusion. A documentary about how the media has influenced our subconscious beliefs about birth. A great resource if you (or your partner) is on the fence about natural birth. 

Safe Sleeping Guidelines. Including bed-sharing and separate surface co-sleeping. 


Sleep Yoga, aka Yoga Nidra. A podcast for a 30 minute practice that will restore your body and mind like 3 hours of sleep. 

Allergy: Prevention & Treatment. A review of the current evidence for unconventional items such as herbs, essential oils, and supplements. 

Allergy Treatment: Sublingual Immunotherapy. I can coordinate the testing and treatment thru Allergy Choices, Inc. 

Allergy Treatment: How to use Sublingual Immunotherapy (allergy drops)

Tree Allergies. Download this infographic on how to recognize which trees can be causing your allergy symptoms. 

Boost Immunity Naturally. A summary of Dr LowDog's interview on the People's Pharmacy.

My guide to colds/flu/sinus infections that I give to my patients

My guide to OTC cough & cold meds. A summary of the most commonly used over the counter meds. 

Vitamin D. A summary of why most of us need to take a supplement. 

Heart Health Supplements. A summary of the benefits and usage of supplements for cardiovascular health, including diabetes. 

 Local Resources


Shalene Massie, owner of Rhythm of Birth. She is a birth doula and childbirth educator. She uses the Birthing From Within philosophy. 

Joi Hopkins. 




La Leche League. Breastfeeding support for any stage, not just with newborns.

MOPS- Mothers of Preschoolers. Their International website, with local search function. I can personally endorse the group at Blacksburg Christian Fellowship

NRV Birth Collective. A resource that lists local groups and professionals that provide support through pregnancy and early parenthood.