I received my MD from The University of Tennessee Health Science Center and completed the Family Medicine residency program at St. Francis Hospital, all in Memphis, TN. These institutions take pride in excellent clinical skills and training in evidence based medicine.  I had extensive OB training within my residency, in addition to adult medicine and pediatrics. 


Primary Care

While I was trained as an allopathic physician (an MD), my mindset is more holistic than most of my peers. I believe that what you put in your body, what you do with your body, and what you believe are all critically important to you health. I am happy to admit that modern Western medicine has faults and I believe that it's good to have more in my tool bag than just pills. However, since I do not have extensive training in alternative therapies, I do take it all with a grain of salt. I am happy to learn about new therapies and approaches to health, so if you want to discuss something, feel free. 

I believe the best primary care happens when you, as the patient, take responsibility for your health and I, as the physician, advise you. While I am available 24/7, I won't be there at the grocery store or at the gym to make your decisions for you. This may feel like you are doing most of the work, but I promise to work as hard for your well-being as you do. 

I have a less-is-more approach to ordering tests, prescribing medication, and referring to specialists. These are some of the ways that primary care can get expensive when it's unnecessary. You may be surprised at how few of these are medically indicated for good practice. Check out the Choosing Wisely campaign from the American Board of Internal Medicine.



At this time, I am not able to provide prenatal care or deliver babies. However, I can provide medical care that compliments your obstetric needs prenatally and postpartum. See my "a la cart" services or contact me for more information.