I believe price transparency is important. Is there anything else that you buy without knowing exactly what it will cost?

I believe generosity is important. If you have a financial hardship, I can work with you on the prices. 

Direct Primary Care

Prices* include all visits and any in-office tests: 

Individual                  $75/month

Couple                      $120/month

Family (1-5 kids)        $150/month

Family (6+ kids)        $200/month

* I do not bill insurance for visits or charge a co-pay. These monthly prices are your fee for membership in my practice. You can pay by EFT (automatic bank draft) or by credit card billed monthly.

*I do ask for a 12 month commitment. Undergraduate and graduate students can enroll on a per semester basis if needed. 

*A non-refundable Enrollment Fee equal to the value of the monthly membership fee is due in the first month of enrollment. Billing for membership fee begins in second month.


Additional services included in membership                                             

Postpartum & Newborn Care                                        

         Home visits for mothers & newborns, from birth to 2 months, including breastfeeding support. Visits are typically weekly in your home. Only available to members.


Common Lab tests

Send-out tests (such as blood tests or Pap smear):

                -I will bill you for the cost of these tests, with no mark-up

                -Allergy testing through Allergy Choices, Inc is billed directly to that company. 

In-office tests (such as strep, basic urine, fingerstick glucose):

                -Included in your monthly membership



Exclusive discount prices at Blacksburg Pharmacy, Christiansburg Pharmacy, and Davidson's Pharmacy.

Allergy treatment with sublingual immunotherapy (oral drops) is billed directly through Allergy Choices, Inc and managed by me. Cash or HSA funds. Available to members only.