Direct Primary Care

A Mother's Testimonial

"I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to have a doctor in charge of my family's care be available at all times. Dr. Edson is caring, informed, and the best doctor I've ever had. Having insurance doesn't guarantee you a good doctor; signing up for her care does.

Proof: three HOUSE calls in less than a month with unprompted check ups." 

I was able to find a creative solution for them with a local independent pharmacy when they needed an Epipen (normally $600) for a food allergy but didn't have insurance: 

"I'm so thankful for @Edson Family Practice and @Main Street Pharmacy. With the help of both of them, we're getting the care we need for our kids as well as the education we need to feel more stable. They've made this new need for us not seem as scary as it could be. I couldn't imagine working with a doctor and pharmacy who treated us like a number, not a person."


Getting Started

I am getting the details of my practice arranged so that I can start seeing patients this summer, hopefully June 1, 2016. I will be able to see family medicine patients from the start, but I will need to select OB patients based on due date. Eventually I would like to be able to deliver babies outside the hospital setting, but for now I plan to do deliveries in the hospital. 

I would like to have 25 patients or families signed up before June 1. Please email me if you are interested and set up a meeting.