Allergy Testing and Treatment with Allergy Choices, Inc.

I am happy to announce that I can test for allergies and treat them with sublingual immunotherapy, or oral drops! Allergy Choices, Inc is a company that provides affordable prices for direct payment. Some features: 

  • Best for uninsured or high deductible insurance plans that don't cover the treatment.
  • We can test your blood or use prior results.
  • Food and environmental allergens. 
  • Oral drops daily instead of periodic shots.
  • Costs less than paying cash at a specialist's office. 
  • HSA funds can be used for payment. 
  • 2-5 year commitment for treatment for best results.

There is currently only one allergy specialist who offers this treatment, but it is not covered by insurance even thru them. 

If you have been unable to afford treatment for your allergies, don't suffer any longer! Call for more information. 540-251-1394.